Don’tDrive’s mission is to be the solution to get you home safely, along with your car. Through our services, we strive to reduce drunk driving and provide an affordable, convenient way to get home. We understand that rideshare services can get expensive, especially when companies increase their fees during busy times. That’s why we offer a flat rate and don’t have surcharges. As a local business, Don’tDrive strives to be your go-to designated driver service every time you’re in need of a ride. 


Save Money, Time, and Worry


Taking a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft home sounds great in the moment, but what about your car? If you drove to the bar, your car is now stranded and you will have to pay for another ride back the next day. A ride from one of these services may seem cheap at the time, but when you add in the cost of going back the next day to get your car, it gets pretty pricey. 


Let’s say an Uber is $15 from the bar to your house. That’s not too bad! Well, now let’s add another $3 for the tip. So we’re at $18, now let’s double that for the ride back to your car the next day. This roundtrip cost you $36, wasted time, and even maybe a little worry about leaving your car somewhere. A single ride from Don’tDrive is a flat fee of $25 (plus $1/mile, after the first 5 miles). You’ve saved $11, didn’t have to take time to go get your car the next day, and your car was home safe just like you.


Protect Yourself and Your Car


Choosing to use a designated driver service when intoxicated is one of the best decisions you can make. Not getting behind the wheel protects yourself, others, and your car. Don’tDrive takes this protection to the next level by bringing your car home with you. Most people are a little uneasy about leaving their car at a bar after a night of drinking for one of two reasons. Either they need it early the next morning or they are afraid something is going to happen to their car. Don’tDrive is the solution to both of those problems and we understand that fear. 


Leaving your car at a bar or restaurant overnight can lead to a number of problems. An unattended car can lead to ticketing, towing, or even vandalism. All of these result in large bills and a great deal of wasted time. Avoid this hassle by riding with Don’tDrive.


Cheaper than a DUI


In the end, it’s very simple. Taking a ride with Don’tDrive is cheaper than a DUI. Making the mistake of driving while intoxicated has many potential consequences including a massive cost. Adding the cost of posting bail, legal fees, tickets, and everything else together, the average cost of a DUI is around $10,000. Request a ride from Don’tDrive to pay $25, instead of $10,000. 


Choose the Best Reno Rideshare Service


When selecting a Reno rideshare service, many people automatically think of Uber or Lyft, but there is a more cost-effective and better decision. Don’tDrive gets you and your car home, reducing cost, wasted time, and unnecessary stress. Next time you need a ride, call or text us at 

(775) 393-9734.

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