In the United States, drunk driving has become an epidemic with more and more DUI arrests, accidents, and deaths occurring each year. Although the best way to avoid a DUI is to not drink at all, there is nothing wrong with drinking responsibly. As a designated driver service with a goal of reducing drunk driving, Don’tDrive has come up with some steps to avoid a DUI and driving drunk in the first place.

Use a Designated Driver Service

The most convenient way to avoid a DUI is to use a rideshare service such as Don’tDrive to take you home from the bar or party. Using a service like this ensures that you will not get behind the wheel while intoxicated, receive a DUI, or endanger yourself or anyone else. Although there are many different designated driver services, Don’tDrive is unique. Not only does Don’tDrive bring you safely home, they also make sure that your car comes with you. Avoid a DUI and the inconvenience of having to retrieve your car the next day with Don’tDrive.

Designate a Driver Before Drinking

If you are going out with a group, pick one person to be the designated driver for the night. This person will not drink and will be responsible for getting everyone home safely. If there is someone in your group who doesn’t like to drink, then it’s easy! However, that’s not always the case and choosing a designated driver can be difficult. The best way to navigate this issue is to create a rotation, so a different person is chosen each time you go out. This way it’s completely fair and no one has a reason to argue.

Invited Friends Over or Stay at a Friends

Whether you go out to a bar or go to a party at someone’s house, there is always the option to stay at a friend’s house or invite friends to stay at yours. This will ensure that everyone stays together and no one under the influence drives. Having a party, rather than going out, takes driving out of the equation completely!

Drinking Tips to Help Avoid a DUI

Although Don’tDrive does not condone driving after consuming any amount of alcohol, here are a few tips to make sure you don’t get too drunk:

  • Know your drinking limit ahead of time & plan accordingly
  • Eat a good meal & be hydrated before you begin drinking
  • Sip your drink, avoid chugging & shots
  • For every drink you have, drink a glass of water
  • Stick to one kind of alcohol the whole night

Contact Don’tDrive

Avoid a DUI by simply not getting behind the wheel intoxicated. If you need a ride home and don’t want to leave your car stranded, call or text Don’tDrive for a ride!

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