Welcome to our new website! Here, you can request a ride, drive with us, and learn more about our company. Feel free to browse around and find out what we are all about. Check out this video for a quick overview of our services:

Who We Are

Don’tDrive is the only Reno rideshare service that brings both you and your car home from any location. While Uber, Lyft, and taxis are able to take you from one location to another, they don’t think about the inconvenience of having to get your car the next day. Don’tDrive is the best available solution to this problem.

Tristen Houston and Devin Kahl founded Don’tDrive in November 2017 to be this solution. They have always aspired to create a company that provides a social good and are doing so with Don’tDrive.

What We Do

Don’tDrive offers 3 unique services to help you get home safely in your own car:

    1. DesignatedDriver

      One of the main reasons people drink and drive is because they need their car the next day. Don’tDrive allows you to get home safely with your car after a night of drinking.

    2. Medical Ride

      If you are having a minor medical procedure done and aren’t allowed to drive home, let Don’tDrive be your solution! We will bring you and your car home safely.

    3. Car Retrieval/Drop-off

      Whether you’re at work, school, or just busy, if you need your car picked up from the shop or any other location, Don’tDrive will pick up your car and bring it to you.

Connect with Us

If you are interested in getting a ride with us or becoming a DesignatedDriver, contact us!

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